Thursday, March 8, 2012

Poor Ole' Joe knows something is different about my bike and he is right.

At the Fit Kit Seminar I attended the past couple of days they fitted me on my bike. I knew what was coming and had the appropriate stem  with me. And sure enough I needed my handlebars raised and brought closer to me. Fortunately my seat was set at the perfect height and the fore aft was spot on. It's hard to impossible to fit yourself on your own bike. I knew that my stem was to low and long. My original stem was a 110mm flat stem slammed all the way down. The stem we put on my bike is a 100mm st up slightly higher.  According to the Fit Kit calculations my reach to the handlebars needed to be slightly shorter and higher. I slipped out for a short ride today to check things out and the bike felt great! Changing your position on a bicycle is not something any cyclist looks forward to. After years of riding in a certain spot you just don't want that messed with. Everyone needs a bike fit to put them in the right position on the bike or to just reassure they are set up correctly. I'm glad I volunteered to have my bike set up checked. How long has it been since you had your bike fit checked?