Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another ruptured CCL

Poor ole' Joe resting with another blown knee

In September Joe had his left knee reconstructed. It was an arduous ordeal to get him through the recovery, but after eight weeks he was doing OK.

Saturday night while walking Joe on a lead he saw a cat up the road run into a pipe under a driveway. He began to pull hard on the leash, and then let out a yelp. Instantly he began holding his right hind leg up high and wouldn't let it touch the ground. I knew what had happened. His CCL (like an ACL tendon in a human) had ruptured. 

Once I finally got him home I took Joe to the emergency vet. where they verified what I knew had happened.

Long story short, tomorrow morning Joe goes for reconstructive knee surgery, and we begin another eight weeks of recovery and rehabilitation.